Vineyard Fertilization: Which Product To Choose For Foliar Fertilization

The fertilization of the vineyard is a fundamental practice to obtain an optimal yield from its cultivation.

The fertilization of the vine, because of its importance, it is a complex matter that, in addition to a good knowledge of the plant (of which you must constantly monitor any deficiencies or excesses of nitrogen, potassium, magnesium, iron and the like) provides a careful study of the composition of the soil and subsoil , which hosts the production.

It is precisely on the basis of these factors, which is made of the plan of manuring, which will determine periods and mode of fertilization, to preserve the health and productivity of the vineyard; according to the different stages of the development of the vineyard itself.

In a historical moment in which the consequences of climate change, now in place for several years, are manifesting in a more and more significant, especially in periods of spring, fertilisation, foliar application can become a valuable ally in the protection of vineyards.

For the Italian agriculture and the Italian (and global) has become practice to deal with cases of “exceptional weather” in the spring: phenomena, out of season, such as hailstorms, floods, snow, frost even in lowland areas, very strong winds and cold, in fact, cause serious damage to all crops and affect the yield both in terms qulalitativi quantitative.

In a delicate sector such as viticulture, and similar events can cause (and have caused) massive damage. It is for this reason that composting has become increasingly important for farmers.

There are many companies that, with their wide range of products and experience in the industry, can help farmers to make a plan of fertilization of the vineyard; among these must certainly be mentioned COMPO EXPERT, an important reference in the field of horticulture, fruit-growing and viticulture, and in the nursery.

A proper planning of fertilizing, in fact, can really make the difference and solve the arise problems such as failure to fruit setting and maturation, resulting in millerandage and non-filling of the bunch.

The plan of fertilizing can make all the difference when it comes to the quality of the grapes.

The different types of fertilizer to the vineyard

The mode of fertilization of the vineyard are four and they differ because each of them has the purpose to accompany the cultivation of specific moments of his life:

  • The fertilizer fund, to be carried out prior to planting of the plant, prepares the soil for the cultivation
  • The fertilization of departure, to be paid for the first 3 years of the life of the plant, helps the growth of the vineyard and the graduation production
  • The fertilizer production, to be carried out each year, provides the proper nutrition while avoiding excesses or deficiencies of nutrients
  • The fertilization foliar, also to be run annually, allows you to make nutrients immediately available to the plant with the aim of preventing and treating deficiencies and abiotic stress

The manuring, the leaf blade and its importance in viticulture

Although all of the fertilizers listed so far are very important in viticulture that the leaf is of particular importance because it allows you to administer macroelements or microelements in the format that is soluble to the plant, and it integrates very well with the classical soil fertilization.

It is precisely at this juncture that the products COMPO EXPERT can make all the difference: the company produces different types of products for foliar application of proven quality and effectiveness, interpreting them according to the most innovative technologies in the industry.

Which products to choose for the manuring, the leaf blade of the screw?

The big advantage of manuring, the leaf blade is to be able to make nutrients immediately available to the plant, with the aim of preventing or curing the temporary nutritional stress and make a real activation of the physiology of the processes of the response of plants to stress.

Especially after serious episodes of bad weather, it is necessary to use products that put in motion the biochemical and physiological processes within the plant tissues of the plant.

The line Basfoliar® COMPO EXPERT is ideal for these applications and is composed of products that are adaptable to each stage of the development of the vineyard as envisaged by the plan of fertilization.

Basfoliar® Kelp for proper root development

Basfoliar® Kelp of COMPO EXPERT

Basfoliar® Kelp is a bio-stimulating, natural, high-quality extract from the seaweed Ecklonia maxima, which is capable of:

  • Strengthen the response of plants to abiotic stress (such as frosts and hailstorms)
  • Improve the development radical, the absorption of nutrients and water, increase plant production and, therefore, the yields in quantity and quality

Products for pre-flowering: Basfoliar® Aktiv and Solubor® DF

Basfoliar® Aktiv of COMPO EXPERT

When applied as by pre-flowering, the bio-stimulating Basfoliar® Aktiv (in addition to acting on the levels of phosphorus and potassium) increases the production of natural defensive substances, such fitoalessine, naturally produced by plants. In addition, its high content of potassium helps to strengthen the plant tissues, and to improve the production and translocation of sugars in the reserve organs, which will improve the quality of the productions.

Basfoliar® Aktiv, enriched with plant hormones of plant origin (Basfoliar® Kelp), helps to:

  • To foster a better resistance to abiotic stresses (such as water and heat)
  • Improve the growth and vegetative-productive and, therefore, the yield in quantity and quality

In addition, to help with the pollination and fruit set, we suggest the application of Solubor® DF, a fertilizer micro-colored with a base of boron, which prevents and cures the deficiencies.

Products for the post-flowering: Basfoliar® CaMag and Agrilon® Microcombi

Basfoliar® CaMag of COMPO EXPERT

In the phase of post-flowering, to substantially reduce the deficiencies of calcium and magnesium, it is recommended the use of Basfoliar® CaMag, which is a liquid product based on boron, calcium and magnesium.

The presence of boron in traces it is essential to get the calcium, element that is not very mobile within the plant tissues.

The calcium and magnesium, working in total synergy, put in motion an action for the strengthening of plant tissues and stimulation of photosynthetic activity.

Its application also helps to prevent the dehydration of the spine.

Another important aid is given by the corrective Agrilon® Microcombi, the action of which prevents and treats the physiological alterations or nutritional imbalances due to lack of availability of microelements.

This product contains magnesium and all major and trace elements in the form chelated, that promote rapid absorption of trace elements, both by leaf and root.


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