Take Care Of Your Hair Using Rosemary

Autumn brings hair loss to both men and women. Androgen levels increased when exposed to summer sunlight.

Hair loss can be combated with rosemary oil, which is one of the most popular remedies. During the evening or before washing the head, we can apply friction to the hair root. As an infusion, rosemary is also recommended for its hair-tonic properties.

It helps remove dandruff and restore hair’s shine by strengthening hair follicles, reducing sebum production, and strengthening hair follicles.

Rinse your hair with rosemary infusion several times a week. The oil of rosemary can also be added to shampoo to benefit from its benefits. Ensure that the oil of rosemary you purchase is 100% natural by shopping in bio stores.

The color of gray hair can be “darker” if you use rosemary oil as conditioner. A combination of rosemary oil and peppermint oil is ideal, but you can also use basil, juniper, lemon and even cedar oils for great results.

A good remedy for hair and scalp, oil of rosemary is used only in therapy.


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