Rose Gardening Glossary

Terms every rose gardener needs to know.


All-American Rose Selections (AARS)

AARS is a nonprofit organization with the mission of recognizing outstanding new roses after successful trials in AARS test gardens around the country for a two-year period



An area that is landscaped to promote scientific study, education, and plant appreciation through tree, shrub, and herbaceous plantings.


In a rose plant, the main stems are the leaves


An elaborate greenhouse with a glass roof for storing or conserving plants.


Rose cultivars are hybridized rose varieties. Rose varieties number in the thousands.


Fruits of the rose flower that resemble cherries and are rich in vitamin C. When deadheaded, roses produce fewer hips but bloom more often.

International Registration Authority for Roses

Registering new rose varieties (cultivars) is the responsibility of the American Rose Society.

Plant Hardiness Zones

Using an average minimum temperature difference of 10 F (5.6 C), the contiguous United States and southern Canada were divided into 10 zones.


Plants and animals are classified according to their presumed natural relationships according to the principles of scientific classification.


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