Pruning Climbing Roses

Pruning climbing roses isn’t as difficult as you might think, and with the right tools and advice, you can easily manage your climbing roses, and help them to create big beautiful blooms every year.
For the first two or three years, you shouldn’t need to prune your rose plant at all. Instead, you should have a frame in place for the rose climber to follow. Thread stems through the framework. Naturally, the stems will grow upwards; however, you should thread some of the stems to sit horizontally, as these stems will flower far more than vertical stems.
Once you are happy that the plant is growing in the right position and has developed enough growth over two or three years, you are then ready to think about pruning climbing roses in your garden.
Climbing roses produce the best blooms on stems that were pruned the previous year. Within this in mind, it is important that when you begin pruning climbing roses, you ensure you repeat the task every year. Other rose plants should be pruned in the early spring, however, when pruning climbing roses you need to follow a different schedule than the norm.
During spring, you will notice that the horizontal stems start to produce new shoots. These will grow, and will be the stems of new blooms. During the summer, the climber will bloom. Keep your eye on which shoots flower, and which don’t. Once the blooms are finished, prune the new stems back to a length of about 4 – 6 inches. Only prune the stems that flowered.
When pruning climbing roses, prune back any branches or stems that look weak. If they start to flop, they could rub against other branches. Friction against branches can encourage weak spots, which increases the risk of disease.
And that’s it! It really is a simple task, and although pruning climbing roses is different to pruning other rose types, it really is a much easier plant to maintain.
You’ll be surprised just how long the main vertical stems last for; however, in time, they will need to be replaced, so you must ensure that you thread new stems through the framework, ready to take the slack when older branches begin to fail.
If you haven’t yet purchased your climber, you should shop online to see a wonderful variety to choose from. You’ll also find extensive information on how to take care of each individual item.
The ‘Climbing Blue Moon’ is a beautiful climbing rose, with an incredible fragrance, and delicate lavender/blue petals. A very soft looking rose and the plant is popular favorite with many gardeners. This rose grows very tall, and is best suited to a trellis.
‘Compassion’ is a beautiful pink climber rose that is also extremely fragrant. This particular plant copes very well with wet summers, and flowers much longer than most other roses. ‘Compassion’ is great for cuttings, allowing you to bring the beauty you have created outdoors inside.
If you’re worried about taking care of a rose climber, and you’d prefer a rose that requires little maintenance, then ‘New Dawn’ is the climbing rose for you.


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