How To Grow An Avocado Tree From The Core

How to grow an avocado tree from the core

One of the easiest plants to grow from a seed is the avocado. It may seem strange but alone or with children, in just over 2 months you will have a good experience of how life blossoms from a simple large kernel.

How to grow an avocado tree from the core
And without making too much effort or having a green thumb… Here is a short guide consisting of a few simple steps, to grow a tree of avocado from its seed.

  1. Gently remove and clean the seed. Make sure you don’t wash away the thin brown film that wraps around it, but only the flesh residue.
  2. It is important to pay attention to the sharpest part of the seed, because it will be the part from which the roots will grow.
  3. Place 3 toothpicks, at a slight angle of 45 degrees, around the entire circumference of the seed. The toothpicks act as a support, they will help you to keep the seed afloat on the edge of a glass while the flat part of the seed will remain immersed in water.
  4. Place the glass in a sunny sill and remember to change the water at least once a week, to avoid the proliferation of fungi and bacteria. Choose a transparent glass so you can see the roots of your avocado grow!
  5. When cracks start to form inside the seed and the brown skin starts to fall, the first roots will appear at the bottom. Make sure they never stay dry: avocado is a delicate plant, it would die in a very short time. Be patient, it will take about 8 weeks!
  6. When your seedling has reached approximately 15-20 centimetres, tick it (7 centimetres will be enough) to encourage further growth. When you reach 15-20 centimetres again, plant it in a 20-25 centimetre pot in a humus-rich soil. Make sure that the upper part of the seed remains exposed to the air, then place the pot in the part of the house most exposed to the sun. It is a tropical plant, so the more sun it receives, the better.
  7. Always keep your plant’s soil well moistened.
  8. Once you reach about 30 cm, your plant is ready to be pruned. Cut off the first leaves at the top so that they become thicker, and do it again as soon as it grows a further 15 cm.

If the plant is subject to aphids, don’t worry: get rid of the insects by gently rinsing the leaves under running water, then spray the plant with a mixture of water, a tip of dish detergent and a teaspoon of Neem oil, an evergreen typical of India.

Perfectly off your balcony in summer, the avocado plant needs a warmer autumn-winter environment before temperatures start to drop below 7 degrees.

So it’s easy to have a green thumb! 


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